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Our Best Professional Window Cleaning Products

Wagtail Cleaning Tools bring to you some of the best window cleaning products. Our range of best professional cleaning products includes window squeegees, flippers, Highflyer and much more. Apart from cleaning products we also provide an array of professional window cleaning equipment and accessories. We have some of the best window cleaning tools that promise excellent performance and efficient cleaning. Experts in the field have crafted our products. These products are designer made and can be used for commercial cleaning as well as for regular house cleaning too. 

Some of the advantages of our professional window cleaning products and equipment are given below:

  1. Proficient cleaning: Our window cleaning tools are popular for their outstanding performance and great reliability. It requires minimal effort to clean large windows and glass.
  2. Cleaning agent: Our professional window cleaning products work optimally without harsh chemicals.  All you need to do is just add a drop of cleaning agent to achieve professional cleaning and finish.
  3. Low maintenance: Our window cleaning tools and equipment are made from high-quality materials. They are exceptionally durable.
  4. Easy to operate: All our products have been designed especially for ease of use.
  5. Performance and cost-effective:  Our tools assure efficient cleaning and optimum performance. They are competitively priced and built to last.

Wagtail Cleaning tools are the leaders in providing the best window cleaning tools in Australia. We have been manufacturing in Australia for over 25 years, passionately designing cleaning tools to easily and hygienically clean your premises. 

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