Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What products do you offer?

A: Wagtail provides a range of cleaning tools and accessories for many applications, please visit our online Shop to view our product range.


Q: How do you change the rubber in Wagtail squeegees?

A: The squeegee rubber is held in place by a dimple in the channel for all our squeegees.  To replace simply pull old rubber out then thread new rubber, which has been dipped in soapy water, through the channel.  There will be a slight resistance as it passes by the dimple.



Q: How many years have you been in business?

A: Wagtail cleaning tools was established in 1998 based on a pivoting squeegee patent. To learn more about our company history, please visit our Company History page.



Q: Where can I find information about your company?

A: Please browse under tab labelled About Us to learn more about Why Wagtail, Our Team and Company History.



Q: Where can I find some customer testimonials?

A: Please visit our Testimonials page.



Q: I have a faulty product, who should I contact?

A: Please Contact Us through our website or email. Our policy is to replace goods which are found to have a manufacturing fault.



Q: I want to buy a Wagtail, but cannot find a store near my home that carries your products. How can I purchase a Wagtail?

A: Please browse under tab labelled Distribution/Where to Buy for stockists who offer online ordering and shipping in your area or visit our online Shop to browse for and purchase your own Wagtail.



Q: I own my own store and would like to carry your product line. How do I become a distributer for Wagtail?

A: Please visit our Distributor/Become a Distributor page to look at the benefits of being a Wagtail distributor. On this page, you will also be able to fill out an interest form if you would like us to reach out with more information.