About Us

Introducing the pivotal change in cleaning

Professional Pivoting cleaning tools

Designed for speed and precision with less strain on the body.



Designed and made in Australia. The name “Wagtail” was chosen after the native Australian bird, the Willie Wagtail + the Wagtail inventor’s name, Willie Erken. With it’s pivoting tail, the Willie Wagtail bird is the larrikin of the Australian Bush; he’s cheeky, not afraid to take on bigger birds and relies on his agility and quickness.

Let the Wagtail Pivot do the work for you


Made for professional window cleaners by a professional window cleaner.

Say goodbye to heavy, cumbersome tools which can cause RSI and make work time consuming and difficult.

Wagtail products are ergonomically designed and built for speed, ease, efficiency and perfection.

Hand crafted design, premium grade materials, extensive R&D and a dedication to innovation


Our tools are made in Australia by a passionate team who are dedicated to producing sustainable cleaning tools of the highest quality.

Wagtail Cleaning Tools will turbo charge all your cleaning tasks.

Weather you’re a pro and looking for a solution to double your income in half the time or you just want something that will do the job fast and properly, our tools will help you get things done!

Award winning cleaning tools for windows, floors, mirrors, table tops, solar panels, walls & more


Clean your house faster and do it the eco-friendly way with Wagtail. Abrasive microfibre pads, premium squeegee blades and carefully designed angles for enhanced scrubbing and squeegeeing pressure are just some of the elements that allow you to forget the harsh chemicals.

Supercharge your cleaning practices and achieve maximum performance with our award winning pivoting cleaning tools.


Proudly Australian Made



Again I am VERY impressed by this High Flyer thing which is just amazing how my work is simpler, easier, more effective, nicer, faster every week. Thank you Willie Erken for sitting down and creating this. I will buy many of these every year.

Pat Maher, Canada

I'm in awe of my Wagtail everyday! As far as window cleaning inventions go... its almost incomprehensible! Very clever and tough little tool!

Jordan King, UK

Since I work with wagtail I feel like a magician!! It got more looks than a Lamborghini... :))

Billyboy En Chadia

Well I've finally got my hands on a High Flyer 14”. Been using it for about a week and I have a massive complaint to make. I am not making anymore money than I was with the PG. The reason is because I can't stop showing my customers this amazing piece of kit. I sometimes even clean the same windows two or three times because it's fun. I'm that disappointed in this tool, I have ordered an 18" and another 14”. I suppose when the novelty wears off, in about ten years, I might get around to calling it work again.

Graham Smith, UK

I have been using Wagtail Slimline (and other models) for two+ years now and they have saved me time and gained me more money than any other squeegee on the market.

Wagtails are now the only tool I carry inside of the homes and commercial businesses of my clients and would highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about the fact that “Time is Money”.

These tools have cut my work time in half and more time is more money!

Kai Chinn, USA

I started using Wagtail After falling from a roof, which left me wheel chair bound and unable to clean windows with my current tools. I suffer with PTSD and cleaning windows helps me cope with the things I saw during the war. I was des- perate to work again and got this crazy idea that maybe it is not I but my equipment. How can I go on a three-year tour in Iraq and Afghanistan to be beaten by a wheel chair?

I am still shocked at how easy these tools are to operate. Wagtail has changed my attitude and outlook on life I can’t thank you enough for what you have made possible. My entire fleet use them now. Big Mahalos!!

Joe, Hawaii, USA