About Us



Through sheer dedication, perseverance and an innate desire to transcend boundaries through product innovation, the Wagtail Legacy continues to manifest.


Our tools promote a pivotal difference that embodies design simplicity with beautiful, robust utility and a user centred design approach. Through rigorous Research and Development protocols, we ensure our products constantly evolve to meet the needs of the cleaning industries and hygiene professionals. Pushing innovation through advanced engineering practices and utilising the latest technologies and materials, The Wagtail product line is a reflection of today’s modern lifestyles. Our tools are ergonomically designed and built for speed, ease, efficiency and perfection.

 Founded in Sydney, Australia, 1993.


 Before Wagtail, Willie Erken was the owner of ZAP, a successful window cleaning company, for many years. Like the vast majority of window cleaners, Willie and his employees had developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from using tools that were heavy and cumbersome. Users were forced to manipulate their arms in unforgiving, unnatural ways, and it made work time consuming and difficult.

The idea of building tools based around the pivot system was born and with it, the Wagtail Cleaning Tools company. This was the pivotal moment that redefined the cleaning industry and changed how the world cleans forever. The name “Wagtail” was chosen after the inventor’s name, “Willie” and the resemblance of the pivoting action of the Willie Wagtail bird’s tail.  This fitted perfectly as the Willie Wagtail bird is the larrikin of the Australian Bush; he’s cheeky and not afraid to take on bigger birds (competitors) and relies on his agility and quickness.

Today, Wagtail has produced big results. With an entire range of tools that will clean windows, walls, floors and more, our products have become wildly popular across the globe. Starting with a simple idea to make window cleaning less cumbersome, Willie changed the entire cleaning profession.


We are dedicated to creating revolutionary tools that empower the professionals of the cleaning industry through pivot technology and game changing innovations


Notable recognitions include:


  • Federal government publication 
  • INCLEAN Innovation Award 2015 – Winner Janitorial Category


  • INCLEAN Innovation Award 2015 – Winner


  • Featured in “Make it big” by Alicia Beverley in 2000 (ISBN 1 86508 191 4)


  • IP Australia Patent Trademarks Designs – 1999 Case Study


  • Australian Powerhouse Museum for Technology display – 1998


  • Featured in BRW


  • Ergonomic report UNSW – 1998 by leading Ergonomist, Dr. Austin Adams (view)


  • Profiled in Macquarie University study for creativity and innovativeness