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The Slimline Flipper is a tool that has completely revolutionized squeegee design. It was made with the purpose of reducing operator strain and providing a better, faster clean.

The fast action is achieved with this combination tool of washing and wiping with one tool. No need to mop down with a separate applicator. The Slimline Flipper is very lightweight which makes it easy on arm movements. 

The high-quality microfibre pad (attached by clips) easily flips under the rubber blade to become a window washer to scrub the window, flip back to squeegee for a flawless result. 

The Slimline Flipper has a pivot range handle meaning that you can insert Limiter Pins to restrict the pivoting if needed (sold separately).

Great for fast window cleaning by hand or using a pole.

Includes Wagtail Black Rubber and Microfibre Pad.