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The Power Pivot Flipper is 3 tools in 1

The Power Pivot Flipper is our most efficient tool, combining three tools in one to provide a better, faster clean. The Power Pivot Flipper features a robust aluminium channel, Professional Wagtail Rubber blade, a clip-on microfibre pad and a Glide Sponge Pad.

Engineered for streamlined performance

Glide seamlessly across any window, even when the sun is in full force, the Glide Sponge Pad adds lubrication while squeegeeing to reduce drag and enhance productivity and streak-free results.

The Wagtail Power Pivot Flipper is a premium multi-functional tool perfect for inside & outside windows. The Power Pivot Flipper is a squeegee and applicator in one tool, no need for two separate tools!

Designed to saturate the glass, the attached microfibre pad with extra sponge layer holds enough water to wash down an entire shop front. The Microfibre Pad agitates the dirt and removes any tough spots while the squeegee leaves the surface dry and streak-free as the Glide Sponge Pad provides continuous glide.


World-famous Wagtail Pivot

Handle is positioned above the channel which applies power steered responsive movement

A nylon bearing for smoother pivot squeegee action

Microfibre Pad with extra sponge layer to hold plenty of water

Unique hydrating Glide Sponge Pad to enhance lubrication when squeegeeing to ensure perfect glide and a streak-free finish

Our strongest aluminium channel

Great for fast window cleaning by hand or using a pole.

Includes Wagtail Black Rubber, Microfibre Pad & Glide Sponge Pad.


To wash the window flip the pad up and over, covering the squeegee rubber blade and wash the window down with the microfibre pad.

To squeegee, simply lift the tool off the glass to allow the pad to drop back down. Begin at the top of the window and squeegee dry.

As you are squeegeeing the Glide Sponge Pad (located behind the squeegee rubber blade) lubricates creating a perfect glide while absorbing any excess water meaning fewer drips.

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