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The Power Pivot is the squeegee with power steering, having the pivot integrated into the collet on the handle and positioned above the channel:

  • Uses a nylon bearing for smoother squeegee action
  • Reduces the distance to the rubber which applies greater force to the outer edges of the rubber without using extra effort leaving cleaner edges, and less detailing required.  Less force exerted by the user provides longevity of the tool and less strain on the body
  • increases leverage for closing out
  • achieves greater reach with a 25-degree angle for stability in the vertical position
  • applies power steered responsive movement = accuracy with speed
  • our strongest aluminium channel gives an improved strength-to-weight ratio combined with a nylon pivoting surface for smooth, long-lasting wear.


Add the Glide Sponge Pad for lubrication and drip absorption.

Continuous gliding, non-dripping squeegee due to the sponge strip pad behind the rubber blade.


Add the Flipper Pad for extra pre-washing.

Clean entire shopfront with one dunking. Designed to saturate the glass with microfibre flip pad and then have continuous glide when squeegeeing due to the sponge strip pad which absorbs the drips while applying moisture for that continuous glide.

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