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Since 1936 window cleaning squeegees remained the same until Wagtail invented the pivoting squeegee and changed the game forever.

Wagtail is constantly breaking new ground in window cleaning technology. The outstanding feature of Wagtail Squeegees is that they manoeuvre with precision when attached to an extension pole or by hand.

selection of tools

Pivoting Tools that are so versatile, you’ll be happy cleaning windows. So thin and light, you’ll never reach for anything else.


Wagtail Cleaning Tools have a range of squeegees to address any sized window and especially difficult to reach windows; view our online Shop

A better experience with every drop

The latest award winning technology is the water-fed microfibre mop and water-fed squeegee; view Water Fed Range page. These tools have gained rapid acceptance in the marketplace and are now the preferred tool for high-rise window cleaning.

water fed kit

using slimline flipper

Redefining the speed of window Cleaning with Wagtail’s award winning Combination Tools

Faster interchange from wash to dry, more lubrication and a great reduction in weight compared with a separate applicator. These tools are referred to as the Flipper and Combi.

The difference with the Combi is that you are able to wash and squeegee dry in one motion; compared to the Flippers which have a two step flip motion to wash and wipe, i.e. place pad under rubber when washing down the window, flip back to squeegee dry.

Innovation from edge to cutting edge

The Precision Glide is a squeegee which precisely cleans to the edges of windows eliminating the need for wiping the sides after ‘wagtailing’ the window; the squeegee continuously glides with the moistened microfibre strip making cleaning time very fast and effective.  Perfect for indoors and when using it for outside windows you may need to pre-wash with our pivoting applicator.

hawaii window cleaning
squeegee innovation

Our Squeegee Ranges are:

Combi – wash/wipe one action

Slimline * – slim aluminium channel for tight areas

Orbital * – robust aluminium channel

Pivot Control * – upper pivot point with pivot limiting pins

Precision Glide – precisely cleans to the window edge with microfibre glide pad for lubrication.

Water Fed Precision – window edge precision with water feeding loop tube

* Add a microfibre pad to these Squeegees to make a Flipper.

Precision perfection done twice

Our sought after Squeegee Rubber is twin edge, meaning you get twice as many uses out of it by simply sliding the rubber blade out of the aluminium channel, flip it and slide it back in to the channel for another round of streak free window cleaning. Our rubber is of the highest, professional grade quality and is conveniently available in a 3 metre rolled length so that you can cut to your required size when you have blunted your double edge blade that came with your tool.  Wagtail Rubber has a UV stabilizer for longevity in hot weather and when this is activated the rubber will appear darker eventually turning black and still in perfect working condition. The squeegee rubber is held in place by a dimple in the channel for all our squeegees.  To replace simply pull old rubber out then thread new rubber, which has been dipped in soapy water, through the channel.  There will be a slight resistance as it passes by the dimple.

squeegee channel close up

Window cleaning done right at every angle

The Angle Arm is a very useful angle adapter that simply push-fits onto a window cleaning pole then push a Wagtail Squeegee onto the tapered end. The angle arm creates even more cleaning possibilities to be done faster and easier as it provides  extra reach, optimal angels for accessing awkward areas like cleaning the outside of a balcony.
The angle arm also works a treat as a water and dust extractor with any of the mop and squeegee combination tools.

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