Our Promise

As an organization, we believe harmful, untested chemicals pose a massive threat to human health. We have listened and learned about ways to provide an eco-friendly cleaning alternative. We are passionate about educating consumers and showing them the Wagtail solution. We encourage the use of all-natural cleaners. We promote DIY cleaners made from vinegar and other similar materials. We celebrate cleaners who think outside of the box.

We design our products to use less water and detergent, in combination with reusable mop pads and durable squeegees. Our pads absorb big messes and can easily be washed after each use. The plastic used in our products is BPA free. We use minimal packaging to reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

Tidy up your space with eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for the entire family

We invented Wagtail Cleaning Tools with the vision of a relaxed grip, ergonomic design, precision, and speed. Our inventor, Willie Erken has a passion for keeping things clean. With decades of professional window cleaning experience, he has been incredibly passionate about creating intuitive, multi-functional, pivoting tools.

Over the past 20 years, however, Wagtail’s design goals have evolved. Information is readily available, demonstrating the potential health risks associated with excess exposure to toxic chemicals. Many chemicals go untested before being made available to the general public. In most instances, a chemical must prove to be an unreasonable risk to public health to be taken off shelves. Cancer, learning disabilities, asthma, birth defects, and reproductive issues are just some of the health concerns related to the use of harmful, untested chemicals in every day life (cite these with AUS and US studies). Wagtail strives to provide our customers with best, most efficient cleaning tools, but not at the expense of our customer’s well-being. Our products are inherently designed to not only use less water, but don’t require the use of any harmful chemicals.
At Wagtail, we suggest all-natural cleaning solutions, please see visit our cleaning tips page for recipes you can make with everyday household items.