Wagtail Floor Cleaning


You wouldn’t wash down a window and not bother to squeegee away the soapy dirt, germs and grime so why would you leave your floor cleaning job half done?

The Wagtail Floor Cleaning System is a solution to remove the hazard of wet floors, remove contaminants that all other mops would leave behind and an ergonomic design that makes it possible to reach difficult areas and do the job in half the time and at unbeatable standard. 

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How to  Clean Floors The Wagtail Way


Cleaning floors with Wagtail is thorough; the floors are left dry and clean.

The speed of cleaning floors with Wagtail is faster than of traditional mops. Apart from the luxury of shortening your cleaning time, you’ll do a much more hygienic job when you switch to Wagtail.  The problem with traditional mops is that they wet the floor and push the dirt around leaving a dull result with an enhanced breeding ground for contaminants. Wagtail floor cleaning mops do not need to use an excessive amount of water to get the job one, the abrasive microfibre pad will agitate the dirt and grime on the floor, then, thanks to the precise angle of the Premium Wagtail Squeegee blade to surface will collect and round up the dirt, contaminants and excess water that all other mops will leave behind. Your floors will be left noticeably shiny and most importantly clean, dry and ready to walk on.
Specialized angle arms are combined with a squeegee/mop combination to pre- wash the floor and then squeegee dry. Dry mopping for dust, pet/human hair, leaf litter etc. are easily cleaned using the pivoting squeegee technology

Why Wagtail your floor? 

Liquid left on the floor from traditional mopping systems create a hygiene problem because contaminants are not collected, rather just dislodged and moved all around the floor, which is bad enough on it’s own but also poses the risk of cross contamination.

Slippage is one of the most notable work place incidences – Wagtail Floor Systems leave the floor dry. No more  ‘caution wet floor’ signs needed.

Environments such as hospitals, aged care facilities and schools are mopped frequently due to their nature and would benefit from using the Wagtail system of instant clean, dry, ready to walk on floors.

Mopping floor boards with traditional mops leads to cupping. This happens when water is allowed to saturate the floor and result is a wavy appearance where each board is raised at the seams and can even begin to lift up off the floor. By this stage you’re up for new floor boards. Wagtail leaves the floor dry.

Using your floor mop with a dry pad will act as a duster, swiftly and thoroughly collecting all dust particles in its way.

Tip: remove the pad and using your dry rubber squeegee on a dry floor for that pet hair and dust or to round up that liquid spillage into a dustpan.

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