Wagtail Combi Mop and Squeegee tool for windows floors cars boats.
Wagtail Combi with blue microfiber pad and squeegee rubber best for easy washing and wiping  at the same time


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Wash and wipe in a single swipe.

Wagtail Cleaning Tools brings to you a diverse range of floor and window Squeegees in Australia. Our squeegees are made from some of the best quality materials that in turn provides the best cleaning. The Squeegee Glass cleaners are extremely easy to use. It facilitates effortless cleaning. Equally our window squeegees can be used as shower screen wipers that help you clean your shower screens thoroughly. At Wagtail Cleaning Tools we give constant attention to the quality of our products. We aim at providing some of the best and professional window cleaning squeegees and cleaning tools across Australia.

Our plastic squeegee glass cleaner helps you to clean your glass without causing any harm to them. They are designed to clean fixtures such as E-glass windows. So now you can get your house clean with perfection with our wide range of window cleaning and floor squeegees. Our inventory is designed primarily as and is used by professional cleaning companies to clean large windows. 

Our floor and window squeegees are produced using the best and advanced technology. Because of the Wagtail pivot all cleaning is achieved effortlessly.

Wagtail are made with replaceable rubber, pads and parts.

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